Leah's Record

Jobs and the Economy

Leah has worked closely with Governor Walker and Wisconsin Republicans to turn around the state’s stagnant economy. The bold reforms developed and passed through the state legislature turned Wisconsin from one of the worst states for business into one of the best for the first time.

The passage of Act 10, Right to Work, and continual income and property tax cuts, have created a thriving economic environment in Wisconsin. Thanks to bold reform efforts and a sustained commitment to hardworking taxpayers, more than 3 million Wisconsinites are in the workforce. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is at its lowest in nearly two decades, and the state is attracting new and influential businesses, such as Amazon and Foxconn.

Protecting Life

Leah is an unwavering believer in the sanctity of life. Her deep belief that life begins at conception and her willingness to continually stand up for the unborn has earned her a perfect voting record with both Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin.

She has repeatedly fought for society’s most vulnerable in the Wisconsin State Senate, voting to defund Planned Parenthood and use taxpayer dollars for necessary women’s health programs throughout the state. She also voted to ban partial birth abortions, abortions after 20 weeks, and require a mother to receive an ultrasound prior to having an abortion.

Second Amendment

Leah is a strong Second Amendment advocate. A card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association, she has received the organization’s coveted “A” rating and is an ardent supporter of Wisconsin’s sportsmen and women. Never one to shy away from a difficult vote, Leah was on the front lines of the controversial debates over Concealed Carry and Castle Doctrine legislation. She voted to pass both bills into law and help law-abiding citizens exercise their rights to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

Union Reforms

After the passage of Wisconsin’s historic Act 10 legislation, Leah continued the fight to reform Wisconsin’s outdated union policies.

Leah believes that workers shouldn’t be forced to join organizations they don’t support, or have their money used for political purposes they don’t believe in. That’s why she co-authored Wisconsin’s Right to Work legislation, which bars mandatory union membership and prohibits unions and employers from requiring non-union members to pay dues.

She also sponsored Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law, which removed minimum salary requirements for workers on public projects and allowed for competitive bidding, allowing Wisconsin to potentially save hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Military and Veterans

Leah is a strong supporter of our nation’s service members and veterans. As the mom of an Army first lieutenant, she shares the pride our military men and women have in serving their nation, and understands the worry and the struggles military families face daily.

As a state senator, Leah helped restore the Wisconsin GI Bill, allowing Wisconsin veterans and their families to attend public colleges and universities at no cost. She also continues to work with Governor Walker and fellow Republican lawmakers to ensure job opportunities are available for Wisconsin’s veterans. Their efforts have resulted in Wisconsin having one of the lowest veteran unemployment rates in the nation.

School Choice

Education is the starting point for strong families, strong communities, and a brighter future for Wisconsin. It was also the starting point for Leah’s political journey. In her daughter’s small kindergarten classroom in Wauwatosa, Leah asked a simple question about the school’s reading program. An unsatisfactory answer began a years-long mission to improve Wisconsin’s schools and ensure all students receive the best start possible.

As part of that mission, Leah co-founded PRESS – Parents Raising Educational Standards in Schools. Her efforts brought concerned parents together to press school boards throughout the state to improve educational programs. She was the author of Wisconsin’s Special Needs scholarship program, and her work earned her the Center for Education Reform’s “Unsung Hero” award in 1998.

As a state senator, Leah voted to create a statewide school voucher program. She later voted to lift the enrollment cap on the program and increase its funding by more than $60 million, allowing more students access to better quality schools. She also supported statewide report cards in order to bring consistency and higher educational standards to schools across the state.

Tax Cuts

An advocate for lower taxes and limited government, Leah was a key player in the fight to pass the historic Act 10 legislation into law. She stood firm against unprecedented opposition from extreme progressive liberals in Wisconsin and nationwide, and helped usher in a new era of prosperity for Wisconsin. Act 10 has already saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $5 billion and counting.

Leah believes that allowing taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money makes good economic sense. That’s why she continuously votes for income and property tax cuts, which have saved Wisconsin families more than $8 billion. In fact, her leadership has helped Wisconsin become a Top 10 state for reducing the overall tax burden over a 5-year period.